Top 20 Important Computer (MCQ) Quiz - (Part-1).
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Top 20 Important Computer (MCQ) Quiz - (Part-1).

Top 20 Important Computer (MCQ) Quiz - (Part-1).
Top 20 Important Computer (MCQ) Quiz - (Part-1)

1. What does CPU stand for?

(a) Central Process Unit

(b) Central Processing Unit

(c) Central Performance Unit

(d) Central Programming Unit

2. Which of the following is an input device?

(a) Monitor

(b) Speaker

(c) Printer

(d) Keyboard

3. Which part of the computer is considered the "brain"?

(a) CPU

(b) RAM

(c) Motherboard

(d) Hard Drive

4. What does RAM stand for?

(a) Readily Available Memory

(b) Random Access Memory

(c) Read Access Memory

(d)Run Access Memory

5. Which of the following is a type of software?

(a) Intel Processor

(b) Motherboard

(c) Microsoft Word

(d) USB Flash Drive

6. What is the primary function of an operating system?

(a) To manage hardware and software resources on the computer

(b) To connect to the internet

(c) To perform arithmetic and logic operations

(d) To store data long-term

7. Which of the following is a popular operating system?

(a) Microsoft Office

(b) HTML

(c) Google Chrome

(d) Windows

8. What does GUI stand for?

(a) Graphical User Interface

(b) Graphical Unit Interface

(c) General Unified Interface

(d)General User Interface

9. What is the function of a router in a network?

(a) To display images and videos

(b) To manage power supply to the computer

(c) To connect multiple networks and route data between them

(d) To store data

10. Which of the following is a permanent storage device?

(a) SSD

(b) RAM

(c) CPU

(d) Cache

11. What does HTTP stand for?

(a) Hyper Text Transmission Protocol

(b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

(c) Hyper Transfer Text Protocol

(d) Hyper Text Transfer Program

12. What is the smallest unit of data in a computer?

(a) Byte

(b) Word

(c) Nibble

(d) Bit

13. Which language is used to create web pages?

(a) C++

(b) HTML

(c) Java

(d) Python

14. Which of the following is an example of a web browser?

(a) Google Chrome

(b) BIOS

(c) Microsoft Office

(d) Windows

15. What is malware?

(a) A type of network

(b) A programming language

(c) Software designed to damage or disrupt systems

(d) A type of computer hardware

16. Which protocol is used for secure communication over a computer network?

(a) SMTP

(b) HTTP

(c) FTP


17. What is the function of a firewall?

(a) To block unauthorized access to or from a private network

(b) To store backup data

(c) To manage system updates

(d) To speed up the computer

18. Which component is responsible for rendering images and video?

(a) RAM

(b) SSD

(c) GPU


19. What is phishing?

(a) An attempt to acquire sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity

(b) A type of computer virus

(c) A process of finding data in large datasets

(d) A way to encrypt data

20. Which of the following is used to connect a computer to a network?

(a) Scanner

(b) Monitor

(c) Printer

(d) Network Interface Card (NIC)